Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fresh Apricots!

While in California I binged on fruit. We stopped by farm stands on the way from the SF Bay Area to Pioneer (where my Mom lives). My Mom made cherry jam. I made peach-strawberry jam. I'm looking forward to enjoying the three jars of jam I brought home.

Then, on our way home to Portland yesterday, we stopped and bought a flat of apricots from one of the farms along I-5. These apricots are delicious!

Today Jeff made apricot coffee cake and I started making apricot pie fillings (to freeze).

I was also planning to make a couple of batches of apricot jam, but I discovered our canning tools are still in storage. So, we need to make it to storage in the next day or two before this fruit goes bad.

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  1. Lucky ducks. We had our heart set on Portland for our honeymoon, but since I'm only working part-time we couldn't swing it. You two are truly living the life, though!