Monday, June 4, 2012

Random Paint Stripping

I spent today doing random paint stripping tasks; I'm trying to continue making forward progress on this project. Jeff uninstalled a couple of the smoke alarms, so I was able to begin working on the door jamb.

Then I got distracted with trying to see how difficult the paint would be to strip from the linen cabinet. It was fairly easy to remove the paint from the drawers, but the doors were much more difficult. 

I uninstalled them so I could bring them in for dipping, but I have realized the doors on there are not original. I believe Mr. Leonard may have made them to match the kitchen when he remodeled in the 1940s. The original doors were inset as there is an outline of butterfly hinges on the face frame. Too bad we didn't find any spare cabinet doors in the attic last year. 

So now I'm trying to decide whether we should go to the expense of stripping/refinishing these existing doors when we're going to want to replace them as soon as possible. Perhaps not.

I also spent a fair amount of time applying KleanStrip to clean up woodwork in the room. I'm hoping by mixing up the different tasks, it will make the last part a bit less tiresome.

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