Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Met Another Blogger

OK, no new blog. Now I won't feel guilty for posting my quilt-related activities here. Though, I plan on posting stashbusting related activities over there.

Today I had the pleasure to meet Donaleen, who also lives in Laurelhurst; she came over for a visit this afternoon and I had fun chatting and showing her around our house. I ran across her blog, Spit and Vinegar, pretty recently and we've exchanged a few comments. She's a very nice lady and we're planning to go visit her and her husband on Friday.

I've been surprised, and pleased, by the number of Portland folks I have met through blogging.

I've been steadily working on the new quilt back. I've got all the small pieces built and now I'm trimming down the diagonals. It's not the most fun task so I've gotten a bit stalled working on them. But, once they're done, I can just start building the blocks. This second quilt will likely become the new front as I used more different fabrics in it.

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