Thursday, March 14, 2013

2013 Project List

We've spent some time this week reevaluating our project plans for the year. Looking back at last Fall's list, we seem to have departed significantly from where I thought we'd be headed. We did little on the list, besides finishing our bedrooms. The basement just ended up being a huge detour from my master plan. Oh well, that's how we roll.

Since we're having another big event this summer, we decided to break the list out for pre-event projects and post-event projects.

Before the end of June we're hoping to finish.
  1. Basement family room finishing
  2. Plan/Install master bedroom closet interiors
  3. Install backyard path
  4. Plant garden
  5. Empty storage
After June, we're hoping to turn our attention to:
  1. Plan and build side fence
  2. Plan and build raccoon/rat-safe chicken coop
  3. Put in rain barrel behind garage
  4. Plan and build pergola at back patio
  5. Clean bricks and install back patio
  6. Prime/Paint/Stain basement bathroom
  7. Install flooring/fixtures in basement bathrooom
  8. Reupholster morris chairs
  9. Plan master bathroom remodel
We surely won't get through all of these in late-summer and fall, but we've found it's good to have choices. Usually at least something gets done.

These are the projects from the fall list that we actually managed to finish.
  1. Stain woodwork in Sharon's closet
  2. Prime and paint master bedroom and closets
  3. Refinish floor in guest bedroom
  4. Strip paint in entryway
  5. Sand entryway woodwork
  6. Stain & Shellac entryway and upper hall woodwork
  7. Refinish floors on stairway and upper hall
I've dropped the rest of the projects from the list, for now. I'm trying to keep us focused.


  1. This might sound really stupid, but you might want to check your state's laws before putting in that rain barrel. In many states it's actually *illegal* to collect rain water (which is just mind-boggling to me), but several people have been hit with huge fines or even jail time for this.

    1. Thanks for the heads up. I'm 98% sure Portland, Oregon allows--even encourages--rain barrels, but I will double-check.