Friday, March 15, 2013

Packing Again

Hopefully this is nearly the last time for a very long time, but we are packing again.

This time—the basement family room. All the bookshelves are emptied and the books have been boxed for the duration of the project or transported to other bookcases throughout the house. I packed the movies tonight. And now we need to deal with some of the remaining loose stuff. A few more good hours and we'd be nearly done.

This time, I'm trying not to end up with a bunch of semi-miscellaneous boxes and to really sift.  I've listed a bunch of stuff on craigslist today, including our Silent Paint Remover.

We're working on cleaning up so many different areas at once and I really don't want to disaster the rest of the house while moving out of the basement. It's possible some of it will go off to storage for the duration of the basement project so we can get it out of the way.

We also finished gluing the boards for our closet project. At the moment, we're trying to use the salvaged fir I bought a while back, but some of the pieces have thin cracks through them. We're gluing those up before we try cleaning them up.

I was originally planning to run these through the planer next, but I've now read enough comments about paint ruining planer blades that I think I'll try to strip most of the paint off first. It's going to be tough, though, because it's a rough finish. We'll see. If it goes very poorly we'll try to plane one. And if that doesn't work, we'll go back to the original plywood plan.

I would have started stripping the boards today, but I could not find the chemical stripper. Sigh. It got cleaned up when we moved upstairs and it is nowhere to be found. I might have to go buy another gallon since I'll eventually need it for the sewing room anyway.


  1. What did you think about the Silent Paint Remover?

  2. Well, we only used it for maybe three hours, so I didn't get much chance to form an opinion. I didn't think it worked very well for what we needed. We were trying to strip paint on our interior woodwork with a profile, and the close parts would get more heat than the parts further from the bulbs and so parts might scorch and others wouldn't get enough heat. It worked best on flat areas, like baseboard and large, flat parts of wainscoting.

    My neighbor liked it for removing paint on his siding, but again, I haven't tried doing that.