Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sunny Day = Outside

Today's nice weather found us outside starting some yard projects.

Jeff resumed work on digging out the new urbanite path he started last fall. That huge pile of dirt was excavated when they put in our basement door. Jeff wanted a berm there but got, I think, quite a bit more dirt than he bargained for. So now he's trying to dig a wide trench for the path and figure out what to do with the rest.
Even I made it outside for a bit of sun today. I don't dig, but I did go around and gather up salvaged wood leftover from the 2 years of remodeling. I didn't get all of it, because the remaining pieces were too big for me to carry alone. But I moved what I could to the driveway where I'm hoping we can sort through and see what we can reuse for the chicken coop.
I need to cut some short pieces so I can stack this wood with air gaps so it can dry out.

You can see more about Jeff's garden and path exploits (day 2) over at his blog.

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