Thursday, April 10, 2014

2013 Project List FAIL

I was amused to run across my list detailing my ambitious plans for 2013. Boy, did we ever fail. We'd spent too many years fixated on this one project and we really needed a break. We did get a couple projects finished:
  1. Plan/Install master bedroom closet interiors
  2. Plan and build side fence
I am really happy with how both those projects turned out. The fence is in but we still haven't finished staining it. Now that the pergola is started, I am prepared to stain the fence white (as I originally planned).

And we mostly finished building our closet inserts. The cube side of my closet is on hold until we make the final plan of our bathroom remodel. I'd hate to spend a lot of time and expense installing the cubes in my closet and then decide we want to move that wall over 6 inches. So, for now, we're just using portable racks.

We do have some projects we'd like to finish this year, but I'm a little less confident we will actually do them. Here is my current list.
  1. Empty storage
  2. Plan and build pergola at back patio (started)
  3. Clean bricks and install back patio
  4. Install backyard path
  5. Put in rain barrel behind garage
  6. Plan and build raccoon/rat-safe chicken coop
  7. Plan master bathroom remodel
  8. Prime/Paint/Stain basement bathroom
  9. Install flooring/fixtures in basement bathroom


  1. I love the fence! My fences need replacing, so very badly.
    Can't wait to see how the closets turn out!

  2. Sharon, I just had a chance to peruse some of your posts for the first time, and as I'm sure you already are aware, the amount of work you've done is staggering, and the results are phenomenal. It appears you have ongoing projects, but don't forget to sit back once in a while and congratulate yourself on your accomplishments, because they certainly are incredible.

    1. Thank you Erik. I sat back for a good long time. :)