Tuesday, June 30, 2015

1910 style LED lightbulbs

OK, let's try this again. I was looking for Edison style LED lightbulbs for our historic light fixtures. I did a search in Amazon and found some really great ones. But, unfortunately, I didn't realize my search results also included a bunch of incandescent bulbs and I ordered some by mistake. Thanks to a more observant reader, my mistake was discovered before I received my order and I was able to return the wrong bulbs before I opened the box. It cost me $8.45 in shipping, but that is just the cost of not checking all the details before hitting that order button.

I have since done another, more careful search, and I will share what I have found:
LED Vintage Filament Bulb, ST19 Edison Style, 4W to Replace 40W Incandescent Bulb, Super Warm White. I love this one, but tragically it is longer than our light fixture shades.

LED Filament Bulb,VCE® LED Edison Bulb 4W to Replace Incandescent 40W Bulb,Soft White 2700K-6 PACK

Leadleds E27 LED Filament Light Bulb Lamp Nostalgic Edison Style E27 4W to Replace 40W Incandescent Bulb Soft White 360° Beam Angle
They claim to be based on a 1910 style; our house is 1912. These would be perfect for all our open lights in the living areas that currently have compact fluorescents (ugly and definitely not period looking).

Now, I included the links above for the bulbs that were specifically advertised to be based on historic style, but what I actually ordered was bulbs that looked nearly the same but also came in 60-watt equivalent bulbs, which is what Jeff wanted. Also, this bulb had a lot of excellent reviews.
AriusTek A19 4W LED Filament Light Bulb Soft White 2700K, 40-watt Equivalent, 10 Pack
When I compare the pictures of them, the filament looks the same, only the base looks different. Once I screw these into the fixtures, I don't believe the connector will be visible.

Update later: They look great! Much better than the coiled compact fluorescents that were in there.


  1. The bulls you show and the links the photos go to are not LED, they're incandescent.

    1. You are right. I guess I clicked around too much and got off the LED options. Thank you. I will update the post.