Friday, October 2, 2015

More Early 1900s Stencil Designs

I've been idly poking around and I found some more period stencil catalogs. I don't know why I find this so fun, but I do. :D

I found a Blue Label Stencil Catalog from 1900 and I feel like I hit the jackpot, since I recognize quite a few of these from designs that are currently available.
This one you can also buy from CraftHome for $34.95.
Jean Marie
And here's another.
This one is also available from CraftHome for $48.50.
Dahlia Frieze
And here is this same stencil I used again.
This stencil design was offered again by Montgomery Ward in 1915.
In fact, I see more than a few repeated stencils, so now I suspect that either Montgomery Ward bought this stencil portfolio, or they owned it in the first place. Perhaps Blue Label was one of their brands. I'll have to investigate.

Anyway, you can still buy this stencil design from a couple different websites, the least expensive being CraftHome again for $34.95.
Here is a lovely repeating border design.
A nearly identical stencil, and rather better drawn design, is still available from The Stencil Library in the UK for £10.75.
Art Nouveau
I believe there are more, but in my search this morning, I did not find them. I will probably look more later while I'm watching netflix.

This stencil catalog had some pretty nice designs. While I was digging through it, I grabbed some screenshots and I include some of them here.

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