Friday, October 2, 2015

Reproduction Stencils

I'm obviously on a bit of a stencil groove at the moment. When I was looking around the commercially available stencils this morning, I recognized many from a stencil book, called Arts & Crafts Stencilling, originally published in 1910, by W.G. Sutherland. It has been reprinted by Dover. Frankly, I was surprised how many of the stencils are available from this book. It is obvious The Stencil Library in UK pulled many designs from this out-of-copyright publication.

While I am not going to take the time to scan the individual stencils from the book itself, I will link where you can buy the stencils I've found to be commercially available.

This floral stencil is shown on page 13 and is available from UK's The Stencil Library, DE127.

This is also a wisteria stencil, pictured on the back cover of the book, that is also available from The Stencil Library, #66.
TSL 66

On page 84 there is a rose border that is TSL TR117.

On page 83 there is a stencil of a potted tree that is TSL DE145.

This is a thistle border shown on page 82 with a slightly different edge treatment, but the flowers are the same. The Stencil library sells it with their number 76.
TSL 76
This is, of course, the stencil pictured on the front cover. It is offered as #74.
TSL 74
There is a dandelion border design offered on page 37, it is #78.
TSL 78
There is a rose panel pictured on page 28; it is being offered as DE137.

On page 57, there is a nursery frieze of marching soldiers; it is #116.

TSL 116

And here is another nursery border also on page 57, #104.
TSL 104
These rabbits, sold as #105, appear on page 62. 
TSL 105
There is a rose border pictured on page 38, sold as DE 29.
There may be more available, but those were the stencils I recognized. I really appreciate having a readily available source for period designs.


  1. I love stencils but my walls have a bumpy finish. Until then, I'll just covet your stenciling.

    1. Yeah, I know how you feel. My walls are pretty bumpy too. It can be a challenge to deal with it, but putting adhesive on the stencils helps a lot.