Sunday, October 4, 2015

1920s Stencil Designs

I found another stencil catalog, but this one dates from 1924. A bit late for my decor purposes, but I know some of you might be interested in the designs available. Stencilling was still pretty popular in the 20s. Anyway, the stencil catalog is "Excelsior" Fresco Stencils particularly adapted for House Decoration, Churches, Lodge Rooms, Halls, Theatres, etc.  by George E. Watson Co. Again, I recognized several of the designs as being commercially available. In fact, finding this stencil catalog was like hitting a jackpot of currently available stencil designs. I was pretty excited. (How sad is that? LOL)

I'll definitely be putting a page break in this post, because it's going to be LONG!

Original Stencil Commercial Source

American Home Stencils, 

Craft Home, Tea Rose border

Craft Home, Sanctuary

American Home, 

American Home,
4108 Mission Clover Stencil

American Home, 

American Home,

Craft Home, Casablanca

American Home, 

American Home, 

Craft Home, Rose and Bellflower

Craft Home, Forget Me Not

Ford Craftsman Studios,

Craft Home, Rebecca

The Stencil Library, 

Mission Furnishings, Poppy Stencil

The Stencil Library, Acanthus #23

Craft Home, Water Garden

The Stencil Library, Tulip Border #24

Trimbelle River, Tulip Pendant

There were also a bunch more stencils that I liked in the catalog but I haven't found them for sale (yet); here are a few of them.

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