Saturday, April 30, 2016

Master Bath Progress

Yesterday, George Ramos came and installed the medicine cabinet door.
Then today, Eric and Jeff went ahead and installed the sink faucet.
And some more pretties!
The toilet is operational!
I did get my tile glazing samples back. Here is how they turned out.
I really like the green color, and it matches the oiled soapstone perfectly, but unfortunately it has a weird metallic sheen to it, so we can't use it. We searched around the glazes at Georgie's and we just couldn't find another glossy green of a similar shade. I'm really bummed. :(

I was sort of inclined to use the rust instead, but Jeff liked the yellow. But then we got these samples from Earth Song Tiles and Jeff and I both liked the Baroque Gold glaze. It's made by the same glaze company, so we're going to use that color instead.
And then I got to experiment with removing unfired glaze from bisque tile. It turns out you can wash off dried glaze before it has been fired. :)


  1. Looking very nice there. I am jealous of your beadboard ceiling. But I bet you are pretty excited about having a second floor toilet again. Yeaaaaaaah