Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Refrigerator Panel Broke

Looking at this thing, it's actually surprising it held on so long because it was attached with staples!! And the door handle was just screwed into the wood, and not into the metal frame, so every time we pulled the refrigerator door open, it was slowly pulling out the staples. Not cool. It will be interesting to see if Craftsman Design & Renovation is going to fix this for us.
Barrett (our tile guy) still sucks. He originally said he'd be here at 2PM, but then he wrote later asking if he could start work today after 5PM. I said No. I'm tired of him taking advantage of us.


  1. Stapled??? Unreal. I wonder how many times in a day our refrigerator door is opened? If you had it to do over would you still get the panel or leave the fridge exposed?

    1. I would still get the panel (it's beautiful), but actually pay attention to how it was attached to the refrigerator. I'm hoping our ex-contractor will fix it. They are supposedly a big shot contractor, so if I have to I will make a big stink online with photos until he feels obliged to fix it in order to not discourage future customers. (I'm hoping so, anyway.)