Monday, July 25, 2016

Wheelbarrow Path Finished

This past weekend Jeff and Aaron worked hard to finish the wheelbarrow path and a swale in the backyard. Excuse the photos, they didn't turn out very well because of the shadows from the pergola. And they covered up the path with plastic again, so I can't take more yet.
Jeff also added a swale at the bottom of the yard, next to this path. The swale is there to collect excessive rain water during the winter, when we need it. Since we disconnected our downspouts a few years ago, we need to manage all of our rainfall on site.
Here are more photos, for those who are interested.

Since originally digging this path, Jeff changed the plan and decided to add a French drain in the path to collect the rain fall and channel it into a swale near the base of the path.
After they installed the pipe and filled it with gravel, they start placing the urbanite pieces.
They spent very many hours messing around with getting these leveled so the surface would be flat.

At the end, they filled the gaps with quarter minus gravel. To test the water drainage, they watered down the path for several minutes until the water started draining into the swale. Success!!
The design will be a lot more clear once we get more vegetation planted.
Sunday evening, they spread out straw and planted some seeds (fava, buckwheat and low profile beneficial insect mix) to try and keep the dirt in place until next spring when we do a big planting again. With this hot weather we've started having, we have to keep it watered daily.

This is the insect mix we picked up from Concentrates.

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