Thursday, May 30, 2019

Another Yard Project

This is what happens to the nearly invisible space behind our garage when we ignore it for two years. LOL
We didn't realize how much the chickens helped keep down the weeds until they were gone. :(

After most of a day, Jeff and Aaron managed to get most of the vegetation out.
We still need to rent a chipper and grind up the wood branches that will fit. We'll probably put a free ad on craigslist for all the wood that is left after that. The goal is to get this area really cleaned up by later this fall so we can plant a variety of shade-loving native plants. We'd like to make this as close to a woodland landscape as we can get in such a small space.

It's surprisingly difficult to make landscape plans without decent software, but I did what I could for free. These are the plants and their rough arrangement that I'm currently thinking about putting in.
And then I went and goofed off and tried to add it to my old Sketchup garage file. It wasn't terrible, but they didn't have most of the right plants. I had to go for plants that sort of looked right.
There will be a lot more perennials. They were just so difficult to add that I only put in a few.

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