Tuesday, October 8, 2019

When it Rains, I Sew

I've made some good progress on the Queen's Jewels quilt I started last fall. This is what the finished design looks like.
This is the design of the finished blocks.
When I resumed work on it again last week, I went through the pieces I'd cut out before I got the right angle triangle ruler and I checked them to be sure they were cut out correctly. Anything that was too small, I trashed. It wasn't worth the time to fudge the seams.

I've got a bit of an assembly line going now and I'm making pretty good speed assembling these pieces which will then be assembled to make the block. I believe I need a total of 144 of the triangle units for the entire quilt; I now have 79 finished and 30 more nearly finished.
At this pace, I should finish these triangles in another couple of days.

Oh, and I nearly forgot, I finally finished Jeff's turtle potholders. I started these in February 2018. :)
My sewing tables are much cleaner this week. I had so many projects kicking around on them.