Monday, November 5, 2018

Quilt Progress

I spent a couple of hours cutting out right-angle triangles for my Queen's Jewels quilt project before realizing they were coming out way too unevenly. It was really difficult to get them all identical when I was relying on the 45-degree line on a rectangular ruler. I pride myself on my uniformity.
This is the finished design of the blocks I'm making

I ordered a right angle ruler off Amazon and it took nearly two weeks to arrive. I should have just gone to the fabric store and found one, but somehow it just seemed easier to order it. I didn't expect it to take so long. (Amazon sucks now if you don't pay their monthly tribute.)

Anyway, I'm glad I bought the ruler. It makes a huge difference in how uniform the pieces are. I finally restarted the project again this week.

If I were smart though, I would have tossed the old, uneven pieces, but I don't like wasting fabric. So instead I'm wasting a lot of time fussing with getting these old pieces to work.
After I sew the 4 triangles together, I have to add another strip to the bottom edge.
I need 144 of these triangle units. I've finished about 8.
I obviously won't be finishing this project before the election. LOL


  1. boy that looks tedious says the lazy quilter.

    1. I don't think anybody would accuse me of being a lazy quilter. Maybe a lazy housekeeper, but probably not a lazy quilter.