Saturday, January 16, 2010

Contemplating the Coming Year

We met for dinner last night with David and Melissa (Leon and Muriel) and they returned our SCA books. It reminded me of our many years in SCA and I am missing it. (At least some aspects of it.) Our lives have been in this holding pattern for too long.... We just keep holding steady, not committing to anything that requires any more than a few weeks, because we don't know where we're going to be living in three months. Maybe it's just time to do what we enjoy no matter where we live. If we end up moving, then we'll just deal with the issues.

I think I'd like to work on resuming research on some SCA projects. I'd like to make a heraldic pouch one of these days; I started researching it quite a while ago. I was hoping to stitch the pouch with our heraldic devices and devices for SCA branches where we've lived. Maybe I'll see about trying to draw the patterns for my pouch project.

I've grown a little tired of the Quicken sifting. I've entered and reconciled the credit card accounts but I still have to try and account for all the non-payroll deposits into the bank accounts. That's a lot harder, because I don't have information on all of them. Oh well, I'll do the best that I can.

Jeff is off at his co-workers house today helping to kill chickens! (He's so brave; I could never do it.) Apparently one of his co-workers has a number of chickens they need to cull. I guess I'll find out if we're vegetarians again when he comes home.... =)

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