Saturday, January 2, 2010

Sifting Again

Now that we have space in the garage, Jeff and I have embarked on finally decluttering the house. Though we moved in six months ago, we still have piles of boxes sitting throughout the house. So today we resumed work cleaning. We are working our way through the house and sifting everything. For the most part, we are getting rid of non-essentials, but there is a growing pile of boxes in the garage.

Today we started with the kitchen. We spent pretty much all day going through all the piles of stuff sitting around the room. We also worked on reorganizing cabinets so that they would hold more stuff. We made a lot of progress and we'll probably manage to get the kitchen picture-worthy by tomorrow evening.

While we were in Oregon, we borrowed all five seasons of Battlestar Galactica from Ross and Wendy. Today, we alternated watching episodes with doing housework all day long. Tomorrow we plan to spend the day in much the same way.

I expect that it will take us a couple of weeks to work our way through the house. But I'm looking forward to when we're done. Maybe we'll actually be able to have company again. That will be nice. =)

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  1. Kelly and I have set a similar goal. We realized that we've let the paperwork clutter pile up for way too long, and we need to sift through the kids' clothes and take out stuff that doesn't fit, box up all the baby gear that's left (board books and the like), and anything else that's just not useful anymore. I will probably need to take daily or weekly trips to Goodwill in the next few weeks.