Monday, January 18, 2010

Sifted Again

Today was stormy and rainy outside, so I decided to get some exercise by cleaning the final disaster room, the "library." The room was basically crammed with all the boxes we didn't get unpacked after the move and the room was really not usable as it was. Sure, there were bookcases and books in there, but you couldn't get to them very easily. Plus, we also had the return of several boxes of books and I needed to try and figure out where to put those.

So, I spent around four hours today clearing out the library and reorganizing the book cases. I think I have finally gone through all the boxes that were in that room. Mostly, I recycled whatever paper I came across. I had a whole box of software boxes that dated back to 2002! For the most part, I flattened the boxes and recycled them and tossed the software. I kept of a few of the disks, but most everything got dumped. And I have a growing donation pile that I hope we'll get rid of in the next couple of weeks.

I was actually able to squeeze in all the tubs of books onto the existing book shelves. And now all the books on the shelves are mostly sorted by subject as well.

And now that I can finally get to the windows in that room, I'm thinking about making the last set of Roman shades. Hmm, the fun part is the planning; choosing the pattern and the fabric.

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