Friday, April 23, 2010

Good Productive Day!

This morning Shasta and I went for a 3+ mile walk with our walking buddy, Heather. It was a beautiful day, though rather too warm for me already. If today was an indication, this summer will be hot. ☀ So much for walking; I'll have to figure out how to exercise inside our air conditioned house. I'll probably have to resort to exercise videos, or maybe—gasp—cleaning and sifting! ☺

After the walk, I went off to the San Mateo Law Library to finish up the research for a recent assignment in Advanced Legal Research & Writing. I found a really fabulous article that was exactly what I needed. It made it almost too easy to research cases and write up my assignment tonight. I'd feel guilty if I hadn't already spent nearly seven hours at the library researching this assignment. I'm hoping now that I'm done with this project, I'm done with the class work. I'm hoping anyway...

I scored one piece of great information today: Google Scholar includes decisions from at least some Federal cases! Woo hoo! That meant I didn't have to pay 15¢ a page to make copies at the law library! In fact, since I could access the cases online, I didn't even bother to print them out. I just opened them up on my computer and read them on-screen.

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