Sunday, February 27, 2011

Industrious Weekend

We had an extremely productive weekend to be proud of. We spent hardly any time sitting around in front of Netflix; just an hour or so to wind down before bed.
  • The dining room is basically packed; we just need to wrap the furniture and move it out and do some general cleaning.
  • The library is about 75% packed. We just have another couple of shelves and the closet to empty. We'll also be moving out three of the six bookcases.
  • The living room is about 85% packed. We mostly stopped packing because the pile of boxes was getting too big and was filling up too much of the walking space. We're going to have to empty the living room because after the woodwork stripping and staining, we'll be having the floors refinished.
We have a 10'x30' storage space reserved for Friday and we'll hopefully have weather decent enough to start moving in over the weekend. We've lined up a moving helper (the same guy who helped us move in who we originally found on craigslist) and we'll hopefully be good to go.

Sharon has—out of necessity—decided to relax her standards for school. There's just so many hours in the day and we have too many other demands on our time this quarter. She's still working hard, but there just isn't time to spend all day on single assignments.

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