Thursday, February 17, 2011

Preparing for the Remodel

Today I shopped around for storage and found a reasonably priced drive-up space in Gresham, OR (about 15 miles from us). I'm thinking we're going to go with a 10'x30' space because we'll be putting in an awful lot of furniture; even that may not be enough, but we'll see how efficiently we can pack it.

I'm trying to make plans for what goes and what stays here in the house. If we move most of the stuff out, we should actually have half the basement, plus 2 bedrooms and the bathroom upstairs as living space. Not so bad, if we manage not to cram them full with stuff we don't want to move out. I'm still debating about how much of my sewing room stays; I really don't want to move out my fabric shelves that I finally got resorted.

Our biggest struggle the last time we remodeled a house was the lack of kitchen. We ate out way too much. And this time it's going to be even more convenient to eat out because there are so many restaurants in short walking distance. We need to plan how to eat decently without eating out constantly. I never did lose the weight I gained last time and I can't afford to put more on; I think I see a lot of Lean Cuisine's in my future. =)

I've also been working on lining up the contractors we're hiring directly. I'm hoping to get the asbestos removal hired as soon as possible, and I'd like to get the paint stripping figured out by the end of next week. I still need to call around to a few roofers to get quotes on the roof, but that can wait until after the asbestos is gone. Then I won't feel bad about having them crawl up into the attic to see if the structure is strong enough for a heavier roofing material.

My grades in school this quarter are definitely going to suffer because of all the time I'm not spending on schoolwork and studying; I may just blow my 4.0 paralegal GPA. Oh well. Since I only have two classes left after this quarter, I probably should have taken one less class this time around.

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