Tuesday, June 7, 2011

At Last — Windows!

The windows arrived! It is exciting to get that unsightly plywood off the exterior of the house. Sharon believes we ordered Marvin Ultimate Double Hung Windows and Inserts to replace the old windows. It's hard to let the old wavy glass go from the upstairs but too many of the windows have cracked panes or have had the wavy glass replaced with modern smooth glass. Hopefully this will be a long term win in our reduced energy use.

The new windows are dark green (Evergreen) on the exterior and stain-grade douglas fir on the inside.

The exterior of the downstairs windows that aren't being replaced will be painted a matching color.

Yeah! We have windows on the front of the house!The siding is also very slowly marching across the front of the house. Those mitered corners are taking forever!


  1. Are you removing your casements too? If so, I would be very interested in salvaging them for my old house.

  2. The casements downstairs are staying. The ones upstairs were replaced (and a few new ones added.