Thursday, June 16, 2011

Replaced Glass

Last weekend, Jeff and Sharon went and bought a salvage window with wavy glass to replace a broken pane in a large dining room window. Well, today we tried to cut it. Ooops—the glass did not cooperate. So, tomorrow we'll be off shopping to find another window. We spent much of the day chipping out old glazing to release the glass from old windows. It is slow, tedious work.

Luckily, replacing glass in our dining room door went much better! No problems there. Our stained glass tools came in really handy. We still need to finish putting on the glazing. Jimmy Cookman (our paint stripper) is going to come out and help us with glazing all the downstairs windows tomorrow.

Our exterior light order arrived this evening! We opened the mailbox to see how it looked. The rest will stay packed up until the electrician is ready to hang them after the exterior painting.

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