Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Living Room Photos

The light was good in the living room/parlor area yesterday afternoon so we actually managed to get some photos that show the colors pretty well. Thought we would share.These areas are mostly complete. Once the floors have finished curing for a week, we'll put the vent covers back in place and we can move in.

We're really delighted with the results of this paint stripping project. Going into it, we couldn't be sure of the quality of the wood underneath the paint. We're happy it was all so nice and mostly in good condition. The box beam ceilings really pop now.


  1. Wonderful restoration!!! A great addition to the neighborhood (I'm on Stark toward the tip of the neighborhood). I have a few original interior photos of the Mayor Albee house and the Harvey Scott house (both near Floral and Ankeny) from a 1917 Laurelhurst Magazine. Your house looks like it just stepped out of it!!!! Again, great job!!!!

  2. Could you tell me the colours you used and what brand of paint?