Sunday, August 28, 2011

Quick Staining Project

We've been trying to work out the exterior finish on the front door. Had Sharon realized it was purple to begin with—she would have left it alone! But, alas, Sharon didn't notice until too late. She doesn't regret stripping the door since it is really nice to have the interior side stained rather than painted white.

Sharon asked the painters if they could restain the door purple and they did yesterday. But it was too light; the purple-tint was hardly noticeable.
Sharon was preparing herself to just have them paint it with purple paint, like the screen door. But then she remembered she had eggplant stain she could try. So, this morning, she did. That's more like it!
Jeff and Sharon have gotten back to work stripping the paint in the master bedroom. Now that the contractor is wrapping up the main floor remodel, we're getting eager to move back upstairs. Though, with the heat this week, we have only been working for brief periods, but we are getting close. Most of the paint is off and now we're mostly working on sanding in preparation for staining.

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