Friday, August 5, 2011

Rejuvenation Boxes Don't Stack

Sharon thought she would share a complaint / rant about ordering lights from Rejuvenation. Their boxing of orders is funky. They obsessively bubble the large boxes but just pack the fixtures loose and the shades are put in smaller boxes with no internal wrap or padding. And their shade boxes are not taped shut; they are closed with the flaps interleaved, so their ends are not flat and can be slightly "pointed."

We bought 21 lights and 35 shades ($5K worth) from them, so we had a not inconsiderable pile. So when we went through our order, as directed by our contractor, it shouldn't be totally surprising we decided to make stacks of like-size boxes so we could make an accurate count. Well, don't. This is the result from a 2-box high stack. That's the fastest $42 we've wasted today!

Update a week later: Our awesome kitchen designer, Chelly, fixed it for us. She exchanged the broken globe for a new one so we don't have to eat this expense. We still have several issues with Rejuvenation's customer service, but we are, for the most part, happy with their lights.

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