Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Gutters Installed

After the pouring rain yesterday, and some slight water infiltration at the back of the basement, we were quite grateful when the gutter guys showed up this morning. At the recommendation of two other local blogs, we hired Great NW Gutters.

We only got one downspout installed, the rest of the gutters have rain chains. We may end up regretting the one on the back corner, though, because it is so tall. Time will tell. If it doesn't work well in winds, we'll have it replaced with a downspout.

The rain chains are Lotus flowers and were purchased from Overstock.com with a 10% off coupon. Compared to the prices at local stores, they were a bargain!

We provided the rain chains, but the gutter guys were nice enough to hang them for us. Now we have lots of work directing all this water into the rain gardens.

1 comment:

  1. That's awesome. I want to put a rain chain on the back of my house where my future back balcony will be (where it used to be before the door was closed off and the railings removed).