Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Constant-Width Potholders

Sharon decided to make some new potholders—our old, dead potholders are pretty scuzzy looking. She was planning to make boring, square potholders—then Jeff intervened.

He decided it would be cool to make Reuleux triangle-shaped potholders. These are constant width, which seems like a nice feature, but the points give a nice place for the thumb, with the opposite side flatter for the fingers.

Sharon had to add extra lines beyond the basic triangle because there wasn't enough lines to properly hold the layers together.

Things were going well until she reached the last step—applying the bias tape edging. She encountered a bias tape failure because she had lazily cut the bias tape not-on-the-bias and it really wasn't making the corners. She's going to have to go back and rip off the linen, and cut some new fabric on the bias.
Finally, the next day they are finished with true bias tape, made with just one seam. The points are sometimes still a little wonky due to the tight turn, but they're much better!
Here is the new potholder in action...

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