Sunday, January 1, 2012

Quilting Today

Sharon doesn't intend to turn this into a quilting blog, but that is what she is working on right now. She put together the sample every-other square for the historic quilt. She is reasonably happy with the colors of the square, but not so happy about the beige fabric being slightly twisted so the striped pattern isn't straight across the piece. She may have to play with the fabric a bit and see if she can get it straightened out.

Sharon also decided to make a couple quilted pillow covers for the basement couch. She poked through some of the ready-to-use blocks in her new program and quickly designed a few options today. Then she got inspired to try making one up.

Her "quilting brain" is a little rusty, because this project was a bit of a challenge—it took her more than 4 hours to make this tiny two-block project. These blocks are supposed to be a purple-pansy-like flower, but the light to dark shading didn't work quite as hoped.

Jeff has been cooking up a storm lately—so many good foods! We're really enjoying our newly remodeled kitchen. He occasionally makes blog entries about his latest food prep exploits at his food blog.

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  1. There's a magazine called "Quilting Today"...or at least there used to be. I don't know if it's still in publication. I wanted to do a bunch of quilting over the holiday but we've been away so much, it hasn't happened. Cleaning & organizing today. Snore...