Monday, January 30, 2012

Quilt Blocks Finished!

The rest of the blocks have been assembled!!

Alas, Sharon needs to build a couple more blocks to replace the last two. The Michigan Beauty square was difficult to put together and it didn't turn out very well. Sharon may just make a different square to replace it.

Also, the St. Louis Star was a disaster. Some of the pieces must have been cut out wrong, or assembled wrong, because the center bows out and the square doesn't iron flat. Sharon already took this one apart once and tried to reassemble, but while it got slightly better, it still is unacceptable. This one will definitely need to be replaced. (But not for several days as we're expecting Sharon's father and step-mother to come visit for a couple days this week.)
Kentucky Chain, ca. 1906
Butterfly at the Cross, ca. 1906
Farmer's Daughter, 1901
Union Star, ca. 1906

Vice President's Quilt, ca. 1897
Northumberland Star, ca. 1906

Aunt Anna's Album Block, ca. 1906
Lewis & Clark, ca. 1906

Nameless, ca. 1906
Squire Smith's Choice, ca. 1906
Bachelor's Puzzle, 1897

Star of Beauty, ca. 1906
Uncle Sam's Hour Glass, ca. 1906

St. Louis Star, ca. 1906
Michigan Beauty, ca. 1906

1904 Star, ca. 1906
Replacement block:
Nelson's Victory, ca. 1906

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