Friday, January 6, 2012

This Time For Sure!

We swapped out the rug in the dining room—again. This is the third time. We just kept trying different rugs in the room, trying to find one that worked best with the colors.

The latest burgundy and tan rug was not working—the colors were not working with the cherry-stained woodwork and the green fabric seats of the chairs. Hopefully, this new rug will be the last time!

Over the holidays Sharon ran across this rug at It was much like the gold rug we bought in summer 2010, only much better colors!
While the design is not exact, it's a pretty reasonable substitute for this period Fintona Donegal rug made by Silver Studio in 1902.
This photo scanned from Arts & Crafts Carpets by Malcolm Haslam, page 88.

And the new rug coordinates much better with our furniture and our tapestries.


  1. Great find--quite pretty. Does Sharon use Pinterest at all? I find it a convenient way to keep track of our various wants for the house.

  2. that looks great! what a nice change!