Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Despite the bad weather forecast, when Sharon spied a sunbreak she rushed upstairs to continue the staining project! The weather was a little scary when at one point there was a few sprinkles, but luckily the sun stuck around for the three hours this project required.
Though, now we need another sunny day to apply the second stain coat. Who knows, maybe we'll get lucky in the next several days.


  1. Would you be willing to tell me what stain brand and color you are using in the bedroom. Is it the same that you identified in the kitchen, the Mohawk Wiping stain and the WOod Kote Jel'd Stain? Thanks.

  2. Yes, it is. The Mohawk stain was a bit runny, but it worked much better if you applied with a rag, rather than a brush. We used rags for the Wood Kote Jel'd Stain as well.