Friday, February 24, 2012

Rain Gardens Planted

Last weekend, Jeff picked up another native plant order; this time from the East Multnomah Soil & Water Conservation District. He spent several hours planting these plants in three of our four rain gardens. We got quite a lot of ferns this time...

Most of the plants from this order were for the backyard rain garden. That rain garden is tough because it's mostly in the shade so we have to be fairly careful about the plants we select; they have to be able to tolerate wet roots and full shade.
The shrubs are still mostly sticks, but they'll look a bit better when they leaf out again in a month or two.

As an aside, for folks in the Portland, Oregon area who are looking for edible plant starts for this coming year, the Multnomah Master Gardeners are having an Incredible Edibles Plant Sale. Though the pre-orders closes today, you can also purchase plants on the day of pick up—May 5th. Jeff is helping out with the sale this year.

And because we seem to be keeping track of a number of spring sales, there's one in Marion County on March 9 and 10 in Gervais, Oregon by Marion Soil & Water Conservation District. They have an impressive list of natives for excellent prices.

The Friends of Tryon Creek is having a Native & Hardy Plant Sale on March 31 through April 1, 2012.

Finally, Tualatin Hills Park & Recreation District is having a Green Gardening Fair and Spring Native Plant Sale on April 28, 2012.

On that same weekend (April 28 & 29), the Audubon Society is also having a Native Plants for Native Birds Sale along with three education sessions on the use, design and care of native plants.

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