Friday, February 17, 2012

Gearing Up To Apply Color!

Sharon went off today to buy pre-stain wood treatment!! Sharon has read in a number of sources that softwoods, such as douglas fir, stain more evenly when first treated with some sort of pre-stain. Sharon picked up a gallon of the pre-stain today.

(In our finishing class, we learned to use hide glue, but unfortunately we don't remember the proportion or the exact details of how we applied it, and we were not provided with any kind of handout. Which, BTW, was a pretty significant disappointment after spending $800 EA for that class!)

Also, Sharon wanted to find a paint that would fairly closely match the stain. Here are the color samples Sharon picked up at Sherwin Williams today:

The color choice was obvious, once we laid it up against the woodwork. We're buying the paint for both patching up those little white spots when staining the master bedroom and also for finishing the basement bathroom.

At the end of the remodel, here is what we were left with on the doorways down in the basement. We apparently had not realized they planned to finish that bathroom area "paint grade." That wood, by the way, is douglas fir. And even though it is paint grade, it looks fairly good. EXCEPT, of course, for that stupid MDF molding piece. (And those one-panel primed doors don't match anything in this house.)

During the remodel things were happening so fast, we didn't notice the MDF until the woodwork was installed. Since, we're not prepared to replace all that woodwork, we're just going to paint that white piece and door and stain the rest of the wood. Which should do for now...

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