Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Slowly Prepping for Stain

Sharon and Jeff have been slowly preparing the master bedroom for staining. It seems to be taking forever!

Sharon patched cracks and holes in the plaster. Then, Jeff went through and filled holes in the woodwork, of which there were many—especially on the header of the windows.

Then, Sharon followed behind, the next day, and sanded down the excess wood filler which smeared onto the adjacent areas. And we continue to sand the woodwork to try and remove all scrapes and tool marks.

Sharon has also been spending time detail sanding the three doors.

It seems like we're finally getting really close to being able to start staining.


  1. I have a feeling we'll be relying heavily on your past posts when we undergo our own staining projects. You guys seem to be experts!

  2. We are definitely not experts! But I do spend a lot of time googling How-to sites and Blogs to figure out how it should be done. We've been trying to do it right, because we want the finish to last.