Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Guest Bedroom Doors

Since I'm still recovering from this stupid cold, sanding seemed to be about the right speed given my low energy level today.

I spent a couple more hours this afternoon on the guest bedroom door paint stripping project. I've stripped and sanded like crazy, but totally cleaning these molding corners continues to elude me. I just can't find the right tool; I've tried the chemicals with dental tools, detail sanders and sponge sanders, but they just don't clean these edges. So, in the interest of my sanity, I've decided to declare the two guest bedroom doors finished!

Luckily, our dark stain will probably cover this paint residue.

So, I've now finished two of the three doors in the guest room. There is still one more door that exits onto the sleeping porch. That one, luckily, only has to be stripped to stain-ready on the inside of the door. The sleeping porch is still too damp during the winter to risk a stained finish on the outside.

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