Sunday, May 20, 2012

While the Husband's Away, the Wife Will Play

I caught a cold early this week. I felt pretty foggy headed and really unmotivated to work on projects like paint stripping or stenciling. Stenciling could have been fun, but I couldn't decide what to do about the color goof. Do I fix it or go with the mistake? I still haven't decided and I'm just letting the paint dry so I can see whether I can go over it with the new color.

So I shifted my effort to more fun sewing projects. I finished binding my historic block quilt. I don't know why, but I don't really like putting on quilt bindings and I'll store nearly-finished quilts for months before I get around to finishing them. Since I just picked this one up from the machine quilter last week, I'm feeling pretty good about getting this part finished.

I don't have the ability right now to take a good picture, because I've only got the one bed set up in the basement with very crummy light, but once Jeff comes home, I'll see if I can have him help me hang it up on the picture rail on the main floor. But you all will get the idea. (Excuse the messy end tables please, I don't feel like cleaning them up.)
Front side of Historic Block Quilt

Back side of quilt
Then, as my cold got worse later in the week, I decided to work on an "easy" project. I made a pair of pillowcases to match the quilt I just finished.

Then I unexpectedly felt like making Jeff's stuffed dog, Louisa, a matching dress. The dress pattern I have in doll size is very fancy and looks real cute. Even though it's small, it doesn't really seem to take less time than people-sized clothes. In fact, I spent all day on this project! Though, in reality, with how crummy I was feeling, I probably would have spent all day in front of Netflix if I hadn't been working on this project.

I made matching piping and I sewed on lots of eyelet from my scrap box. I even made the matching bloomers! It's going to be adorable when we finally have our master bedroom finished and Louisa is all dressed up in this outfit to coordinate with the quilt.
Louisa's dress
Louisa's bloomers

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  1. I am terrible when it comes to finishing quilts. I'll gladly muddle my way through the quilt top, but when it comes to anything beyond that, I usually just move on to the next project!

    Love the pattern you used, it really is very nostalgic of times past. :)