Monday, May 14, 2012

Sanding Doors

We can't figure out what happened to our weather. Just in the last week we had a frost warning and then within the space of a couple of days the daytime temps jumped right up into the high-80s. Ugh. We are heat wimps, but we are trying to be productive. We obviously need to get to bed earlier so we can pop up in the mornings and get to work first thing before it gets hot.

Sharon spent a couple hours sanding doors today. She finished detail sanding guest bedroom door #2, and then went back to door #1 to do a bit more stripping and sanding. That door didn't quite get all-the-way finished before she started on the next door because it had been tucked out-of-sight in the basement for the kitchen tour. Anyway, she worked on door #1 for almost an hour until the heat became uncomfortable. (It's hardly worth showing another picture, because they all pretty much look the same by this point.)

Jeff was a kitchen god and cooked all day in preparation for his out-of-town visit. Sharon doesn't cook; at least not much. So Jeff cooked away in the kitchen and filled up the refrigerator so Sharon will have decent food to eat in his absence.

We've been thinking about changing the name of the blog since the renovation is, for the most part, finished. Now we're mostly onto the decor phase of our house project. Sharon's thinking about renaming it 1912 Laurelhurst Craftsman, but she hasn't decided yet. She had some other names in mind, but they always seemed too similar to names of other bungalow blogs and she doesn't want to conflict. If anyone has a suggestion, we'd love to hear it.



  2. Thanks for the advice, but really there's no reason to yell. I'll probably do that. I've been thinking about changing back to first person for several weeks.

  3. Just the fact that you write so consistantly is awesome. I wish I had your discipline. 1st person or 3rd person doesn't matter to me. Just keep writing. I love your blog. Lara