Wednesday, February 20, 2013

More Stenciling Projects

I guess our spurt of energy last fall burned us out on major house projects. Jeff did manage to move the rain garden plants yesterday. (This time of year the rain garden isn't much to look at; we need to get more plants that look interesting during the winter.) The plants on the left edge had to move towards the house about 8 feet in order to make way for the path we're planning to put in.
Right now, I seem to only be able to muster energy for sewing projects. I've been making progress on Jeff's new quilt. I made the interior triangles, plus the yellow strips (not pictured). I'll make the green strips today and then assembly should be able to begin. It should go pretty quickly now.
Next, I've decided it's time to make some table dressings (like the examples shown below). I've got a bunch of linen leftover from the curtains and I thought it would be nice to make some coordinating table runners, table scarves and maybe a pillow or two.
I've started planning out the details. I found a good tutorial for making nicely finished mitered hems around the edges (on YouTube here).

Of course, I'm planning to stencil them. Though, I must confess I'm having a hard time choosing stencils, maybe because I have too many options now. Most of my stencils are continuous border designs and I want something that was designed to stand alone. So, I've been revisiting my saved stencil images.

I'm thinking I might use one of these designs for the dining room. They were originally designed for a tea cosy. I'm currently favoring the left one.
And I'm thinking about one of these designs for our bedroom dresser. It would compliment that applique iris quilt very nicely. I'll probably use the bottom iris because I already have that stencil so won't have to cut it out myself.

I've got to make some of these pillows.


  1. you are going to be busy! Can't wait to see the finished products :)

  2. Your stencil choices are all beautiful. If you would also like some embroidery choices I have a Vogue pattern with some beautiful A&C designs that I would be happy to loan to you. It is Vogue 7292.