Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dreaming of a Pretty Yard

Last year when I was looking for fence designs, I had a real problem finding any in modern sources. This winter, I sort of hit a bonanza in antique books. This post is pretty heavy in pictures so  I'm going to insert a page break. If you want to see them all, you'll have to open the post. Sorry.

These three fence designs are from the Morgan Woodwork Org. catalog (1921). The catalog also included the following pergola and arbor.

I found a pretty arch and picket fence in an E.F. Hodgson Co. Outdoor Equipment catalog from 1928.
And I hit the jackpot when I ran across a brochure called The Pergola, by Hartmann Sanders, published in 1928. They had tons of stuff for yards: fencing, statues, dog houses, bird houses, summer houses, furniture, and lots of stuff. Here are the items that I grabbed for my files.

The carried a bunch of arches/arbors.
 Look at these pretty fences.
I would like a bench just like this; maybe we can build one.
These last two fences aren't from period. They're from a book called Barns, Outbuildings and Fences by George E. Harney, 1870. I just thought they were pretty.
The Craftsman Magazine also had a few pergola/arbor pictures that I liked.
The Craftsman Magazine, Jun 1909
The Craftsman Magazine, 1914
The Craftsman Magazine, Nov 1909
The Craftsman Magazine, Jun 1913
I do so hope we can find the motivation to brave our awful, muddy backyard this year. I'm so looking forward to having a pretty refuge back there.


  1. Nice post... I think this is a topic The Old House Journal often covers (if you are looking for more).

  2. So many pretty ones! We live in a neighborhood filled with dog-eared cedar fences. Boring! I wonder if our HOA would allow a pergola in the backyard? I love that Morgan Pergola.

    Thanks for all your recent comments on my blog. I'm actually working on a project right now that involves stripping and re-staining. Fun stuff!

  3. I loved looking at the pictures. Thanks for sharing them...especially the 1870 fences. They may not be period for your home, but they are spot on for ours since that is the year our home was built. :) I may refer back to that when/if we fence in our front yard.

    1. If you enjoy the ones I shared, you might like to download the original book: http://archive.org/details/stablesoutbuildi00harnrich
      There are more (I think).