Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Closet Installed

Thanks to Jeff for installing our new brass closet rods. Apparently the new bracket was a little larger than the one in the closet before we refinished. There was exactly one size available in brass finish and I bought it. I can live with it.
I also FINALLY shellacked the doors in the guest bedroom. I stained these all the way back in late 2013, but after they were hung they required some repair in the staining. I have no idea why I didn't just get it done at the time...but I think I was already too busy goofing off in my video games. Now I need to figure out what happened to the door hardware. :D We have so much sifting to do.
Since the guest room is still full of my sewing room furniture I can't back up enough from the doors to get a good photo.
I'm hoping we get some cooler weather next week so I will be motivated to finish painting the sewing room. It's not terrible up there in the morning because of the AC, but it's pretty warm by the end of the day. And the heat has messed up my sleeping schedule again. Ugh. Insomnia sucks.


  1. I just love seeing your pictures and progress you post. Love your home, what a labor of love. I hope it cools off some too

    1. Thanks Kathleen. I love looking at your quilts. I'm looking forward to having my sewing room back so I can work on quilts again. :D