Sunday, July 12, 2015

Pressure Washing Exterior Woodwork

Now that we've finished the sewing room, our next project is to finish staining the pergola and side fence. I regret not staining the wood for the fence before we built it, but the wood was just so pretty, it was tough to put an opaque white stain on it. Then, when we installed the pergola, it started raining while we were staining and we didn't get everything done — it's finally time.

Today, Jeff is working on pressure washing them so they're nice and clean before we start staining. Thanks Jeff!
Yeah, the yard got a little overgrown once we got rid of the chickens. We really didn't realize how much of the vegetation they prevented. Hopefully we'll get the yard cleaned up too. It's gotten pretty overgrown during the two years of neglect.

Ultimately, we plan to finish the floor of the pergola with a mix of urbanite (concrete chunks) and leftover salvaged bricks. Something like this. Maybe not that fancy. LOL


  1. I'm currently stockpiling old pavers that I find on Craigslist for free. Once I have enough the plan is to use all the different colors and shapes to make a random pattern.

    Love the concrete pieces and bricks but here in the north that would heave after one winter.

    You guys are busy busy busy. Makes me want to take a nap....LOL

    1. Well, I've been a slacker for over two years. I should have the energy saved up for all these projects. :) I'm trying to keep the momentum going through the summer.