Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Door Nearly Stripped

After many days of rain, our weather was finally decent again, though a bit humid, so I spent another quiet day with my heat gun and iPod. I am nearly done with both sides of the door. I haven't done the edges yet. A couple more hours will finish off the paint stripping with the heat gun then I'll have to turn my attention back to the chemicals.
In the category of simple pleasures, the fans on my gaming computer started rattling. Probably I could have just removed them and cleaned them well and reinstalled them, but I discovered I could change them out for $8 and have glowy purple fans.
Yeah, the photos are awful because I tried to take the pictures without the light on or camera flash and I didn't want to go dig around and look for a tripod. You guys get the idea; my computer glows purple now, instead of red. LOL

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