Friday, September 4, 2015

Quick Update

I recently bought this set of historic canisters off eBay.
This is what they looked like when they arrived.
What a tragedy, but they really weren't packed very well.

It's very dangerous when I get in the mood for shopping. I had TWO friends post to my facebook profile that Le Creuset was discontinuing their Cassis (eggplant purple) line of enamelware. I was unable to resist the temptation to pick up a few pieces before they were gone.
Le Creuset Stoneware 6-piece Heritage Bakeware Set
The electrician came today and rewired the sewing room so we can now move back into that room. Hopefully next week.

We're still trying to arrange the beginning of the bathroom demo with Jeff's friend, Eric. We may just bust into one wall now so we can see the plumbing behind it and determine if we can replace the huge vent pipe with a smaller modern equivalent. I'm hoping we can.

We have a growing pile of boxes of fixtures for the bathroom remodel. Right now we're just waiting on the shower system. I ended up buying this. It seemed like a good value and it had good reviews, so I hope it works out well.

I have definitely been slacking this week as the novelty of working on the house again has begun to wear off. :(


  1. Ahhhh....that makes me sick when I receive broken items. I purchased a similar set at a consignment shop and was so worried that they would break during the ride home.

    I love purple. Not many people do, though. My dining room's accent color will be purple.

    I try and have several projects going at once so when I find myself getting bored and sore from using the same muscles, I can just move on to another project. Right now I am oscillating between scraping the paint off the barn and scraping dirt off the newly discovered driveway.

    1. I love purple. Frankly, I'm surprised my house doesn't have way more purple in it, but honestly, it wasn't in the period color paint pallete. There was a beautiful purple arts & crafts rug available a couple years ago and I really regret I didn't buy it at the time as it's no longer available. LOL

      It's just way too easy to hide in the basement family room watching Netflix or playing my stupid game. Sometimes I wish there was a real deadline to help motivate us.

  2. The damaged canisters are a tragedy. Sadly there are a TON of people on eBay who just have no idea how to pack anything.