Thursday, September 3, 2015

Soapstone Slab Transported

What a production I've turned this bathroom project into. I probably should have just abandoned the soapstone slab when I learned the new company owners didn't want to ship, but I want what I want.

Yesterday, Jeff drove down to Gold Beach, Oregon and picked it up. He borrowed an A-frame from Portland Marble Works and we ended up renting a trailer from U-haul and borrowing the Ford Ranger back from our friends we sold it to. (Thanks Kay and Robert!)
Borrowed A-frame
Soapstone loaded and strapped
It just barely fit in the 9' trailer we rented. (They had sent me the wrong measurements!)
It was another long day of driving for Jeff, as it was more more than 12 hours. I really hope this ends up being worth it.

I'm hoping to start demo in that bathroom next week. :D

Sadly, with our bad weather, I slipped into some some bad habits this week and spent way too many hours playing my stupid online game. Sigh. I hope I can resist once this project starts.

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