Monday, May 22, 2017

Progress on Shed

Finally, another day of work happened. It got really hot, but at least it wasn't raining, for a nice change. Today they starting framing the door and windows and the roof.
Installing the brackets. I actually bought these on sale last fall from VanDyke's Restorers. They are called Restorers Rustic Merced Arts & Crafts Outlooker Bracket. They match our house pretty well, though I don't like the groove they cut into them (I didn't notice it in the picture at the website when I ordered them).
 Here's where they left off for the day.
We're hopeful the weather will hold and they'll get the roof on this week.


  1. I keep checking back for more changes...

    1. Me too. :) Eric seems to be putting us at the end of his priority list. I am told they're planning on another day this coming Friday (weather permitting).