Thursday, August 1, 2019

Puttering Thru Summer

I had hoped to finish all my painting projects by the end of July, but the projects are going slower than I expected.

This week I've been painting the metal patio set. The primer is taking a lot longer to dry than the can says. Perhaps I'm putting on coats that are too thick, or it's too humid. It seems like I spend most of my time waiting for primer to dry. And I only have space to work on one piece at a time. I've finished the table and now I'm working on the chairs. I'd never done a project this large, so I didn't have a good idea about how much paint to buy. I've run through four cans and I need to get more. LOL
On a whim, I decided to paint the flowers with copper paint. I like it. It's fun.

Yesterday, I made another batch of canned peaches.
I've finished the front porch wicker and ended up buying cushions for them. I could have made them myself, but while I was shopping for fabric and foam, I realized it was cheaper to just buy these from Target. They work well enough for our needs and they'll likely last the two years we plan to use them.
The patio table has been finished, but we've decided to move the pieces to Prineville unassembled. It will fit in the back of the truck a lot more easily in pieces. We've gotten all the hardware/screws to assemble them again, and we'll bundle them all up so we can easily locate all the pieces to put it back together on the other end.

And we water plants daily. We have a lot of plants sitting around in pots and I'd like them to make it until September, when we plan to plant the hidden garden behind the garage.


  1. The paint looks great! No doubt you are having as humid a summer as we are, so it takes longer for the paint to dry.
    The wicker set looks so cozy!
    Enjoy your weekend!

    1. Thanks. This year does seem unusually humid. It will probably take me a couple more weeks to finish the set at my current rate. LOL