Friday, January 23, 2009

Fifth Wheel Shopping

Well, I've mostly finished the trip maps and attractions we want to visit; I'll still want to spend some time looking up restaurants, but that isn't really necessary before the trip. I just like doing it, because I prefer non-chain restaurants that get good reviews, but I can live with the chains if we don't have time to make a full list of restaurants.  

Yesterday afternoon I turned my attention to shopping for a used Fifth Wheel. My first impression is that there are fewer of them available, as compared to the massive glut of motorhomes I found when I was shopping for those. Oh well. I guess that will be good on the back-end, when it's time to sell. So, we probably won't be as successful in getting a really good deal, as far as price.

I'm trying to buy the reviews for the Fifth Wheels now, but I haven't been able to get a hold of the company where I bought the reviews for the Motorhomes last fall. So, right now I'm just shopping based on the interior finish. Clearly, in my recent years, I have become a wood snob. I really like the units that are finished nicely with wood cabinetry and panelling. Gad, the unit is going to be pretty expensive, unless we manage to find an older one we like. 

Also, it seems most trailers seem to be set up to sleep as many people as you can cram in there. I really wish I could find a smaller trailer that had a luxury setup, but designed for only two people. I keep finding the nicer trailers are all 35+ feet long (which is longer than we want), but they use probably 1/3 of the space for seating. There is only going to be the two of us and we don't need a couch, recliners and extra chairs.

If I could dream up my trailer, it would be about 30 feet long or less, if possible, and have only two comfortable chairs to sit in, plus the table with chairs. I also like the kitchen in the rear. And rather than the couch, I'd like a desk and storage space. I'm wondering whether it makes sense, or is even possible, to buy a used unit that is mostly finished the way I like and then rip out the couch and put in a desk or low storage. Unfortunately, in my several hours of searching various online listing sites, nothing "perfect" has presented itself. At least, not in the lower end of our price range.

I'm off to the dentist for a cleaning. Hope you all have a good day.

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